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First Month £1
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Suitable for a Single Website
First Month
Then £5.99 per month
512 MB Web Space
1 Website
1 Email Account
1 MySQL Database
Suitable for Multiple Websites.
First Month
Then £8.49 per month
1280 MB Web Space
5 Websites
5 Email Accounts
5 MySQL Databases
Suitable for a Bigger Website
First Month
Then £12.99 per month
2560 MB Web Space
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases

Included Features

(Others Call Them "Extras")

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Blazing Fast
LiteSpeed Web Server and other technologies help your website load fast.
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Low Cost
The great service you expect for less. Get started today for only £1!
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High Availability
Fully redundant servers ensure your service remains online as much as possible.
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Triple Replicated
A copy of your data is replicated across three physically separate servers, offering better protection against data loss versus RAID.
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Daily Off-Site Backups
Your entire hosting account is backed up once every day and stored in a separate facility for peace of mind and disaster recovery.
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No Domain Required
Free sub domain for use instead of your own domain.
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Optimised for WordPress
The LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress optimises your site/blog so that the content loads fast.
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Quick Installer
Get started quickly with common web apps using Softaculous.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes we do. We take a backup of your web hosting account once every day and store it in a separate facility. You can restore from these backups at any time using the JetBackups section of your web hosting account.
No you don't. Once your web hosting account has been provisioned, you can use our free website builder to build your own website easily, or you can use Softaculous to quickly install common web apps such as WordPress.
We consider your data to be of utmost importance. The possibility of data loss is orders of magnitude lower than that of even a RAID Array, because to lose data, not only is a simultaneous failure of 3 drives needed (an extremely rare occurance where a RAID Array would lose data), it would need to be the 3 drives that store the same chunks of data as each other, across 3 physically separate servers.

Why Persona Clix?

You should choose Persona Clix because...

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100% Green Hosting

Our hosting services use 100% renewable energy from sources like the Sun, Wind, and Sea.

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DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service attacks are extremely common these days. They pose a significant threat to any online service.

You can rest assured that your service will be protected and will remain online.

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Reliable Servers

Our servers utilise a multi-carrier network with the best routing technologies to ensure fast worldwide content delivery.